Things to do and see in Oudtshoorn

Ostrich Show Farms

There are a variety of ostrich show farms you can choose to visit. They include Cango Ostrich Farm, High Gate and Safari. They are all situated between 6 and 15km from town.

Cango Caves

The caves offer a fascinating pilgrimage through time. Their caverns began forming 20 million years ago when acidic ground water chemically eroded 100 million year-old limestone rock. Come and see the dramatic stalactite and stalagmite formations. 

Oudtshoorn Swimming Pool

Situated 200m from Oudtshoorn Swimming Pool. Conveniently situated if you have to attend galas or biathlon championships.

Athletics Track

We are located 2 minutes from the tartan track. Very convenient if you need to attend any athletic sporting events in town.


Cango Wildlife Ranch

Our facility has been in existence for 30 years and currently comprises of over 90 different species of animals and 100 full-time staff. We provide guided tours which are fundamental in our education programs, giving each species a voice, and enlightening the public on animal and environmental issues. In order to bring these 'messages home' we have enveloped it in a fun and unique setting and proudly see ourselves as one-of-a-kind.